Adirondack Mountains Getaway

Cabin in the Adirondack Mountains NY

A cabin in the woods. A crystal clear river that flows behind the cabin in the woods. A back porch on the cabin that overlooks the crystal clear river. Wow! We don’t own a cabin like that – but – we have friends that do! Our trip north would not have been complete without stopping in the Adirondack Mountains to visit, relax, and hang out with our friends. 

The Cabin

We arrived for our visit in early September. Driving down the long and bumpy driveway through the woods, we spotted the cabin – a familiar site – we had been there before. 

The cabin was built many years ago with lumber from the property. It is simple, rustic, and inviting. The atmosphere is always friendly, welcoming, and relaxing. Sounds from the rushing water of the river are prevalent all around the property. 

Cabin in the Adirondack Mountains NY
view of river in the Adirondack Mountains of NY
View from the back porch
Cabin in the Adirondack Mountains NY

The Friends

Our friends and hosts, The Hugs and Baileys, met us in the front yard. The welcome couldn’t have been warmer! We visited, had lunch, and took the indispensable group photo of “camp” visitors on the front porch. 

group photo of friends at a cabin
Front row L to R: Candy, Laura, Lizzy, and Madison; Back row L to R: Chris, David, and Robin

The Loons

Before dinner, we decided to leave camp for a short hiking adventure. Our niece, Laura, is a birder. She was interested in spotting a pair of loons. Chris knew just the place – Sprague Pond. We took off for the pond and were not disappointed. 

Chris used his bird call app to get the loons attention. Soon the loons were patrolling their territory. We watched until the weather started to change…

The Creek   

The next day, the river called –  so we went on a hike!? In a river? Well sorta.

Our friends call it hiking “Cold Foot Creek”. But first, you must cross the river to reach the creek on the opposite side. The river was moving and about knee-deep – a little scary! Nonetheless, we jumped in and followed Chris and Candy for the adventure. 

The water was definitely cold! The creek was mostly ankle-deep. Our cold feet soon acclimated to the experience. We enjoyed the peaceful forest as we hiked along. The scenery was gratifying. Cold Foot Creek was the best way to cool off on a warm day at the end of summer. Our time was too short on this visit. We imagined many more activities to do at the camp. We can’t wait to return next summer…

Sitting on the back porch of a cabin in the Adirondack Mountains NY
Thank You Candy and Chris!


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