Why We Enjoy Tent Camping

enjoying the sunrise over Jordan Lake NC

Tent Camping is where it all started 

Recently, while at a local brewery with some good friends, I said something I immediately regretted. We were discussing their new first travel trailer. Like us, they used to tent camp. As we were talking about all the creature comforts of their new RV, I said “Isn’t it so much better than a tent?” Everyone agreed. Then I thought to myself, “What did I just say?” I’ve tent camped all my life. I love tent camping. Some of my best memories are from tent camping. Tent camping is where it all started. Had I forgotten why tent camping is in a class of its own? 

Next, I decided to plan a tent camping adventure to reconnect to how we used to camp. But what type of experience would it be? It turns out we own several tents for different purposes. Just maybe we have collected too many tents over the years which lead to David’s joke about our “tent of the month club.” So I pondered…backpacking? Four-wheeling? Campground? 

tent camping at Jordan Lake State Park NC

The spur-of-the-moment nature of my quest led to a familiar campground where we could pitch our large tent. After all, who am I kidding? We’ve been RVing for four years now so maybe it’s best to ease back into the tent camping experience. 

Jordan Lake NC

We packed our truck and headed over to Jordan Lake State Park. Summer at Jordan Lake can be a bit warm for us so we opted for the east-facing campground to avoid the late afternoon sun. After pitching the tent, it was time to enjoy a cold beverage and start dinner. 

refreshing fruit punch in a mason jar at Jordan Lake State Park NC

David prepared salmon on the Coleman stove.

salmon dinner at Jordan Lake State Park NC
campsite cooking

We enjoyed the evening gazing at the lake as the temperatures cooled off. We slept comfortably (with a small fan 🙂) as we listened to the crickets and watched the night sky. The next morning, we were delighted by a beautiful sunrise. Our large screen door framed the view perfectly. Barley agreed.

view from the tent of the sunrise over Jordan Lake NC
view from the tent
Barley the dog enjoying the sunrise over Jordan Lake NC
Barley enjoying the sunrise

It was time for tea and breakfast.

making morning tea at sunrise at Jordan Lake State Park NC

 We enjoyed breakfast and reminisced about past camping trips.

sunrise breakfast at Jordan Lake State Park NC

Would we use our tent again or would we only RV?

sunrise over Jordan Lake NC

No question about it – we will continue the “tent of the month club.”   

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