Inspiration from the Adirondack Mountains!

View from the Blue Mountain Fire Tower in the Adirondack Mountains
View from the Blue Mountain Fire Tower

The Adirondack Mountains are inspiring and a place where you can find perspective in life. The beautiful scenery with abundant mountain views, lakes, and wildlife will engage your senses. The small towns offer a variety of restaurants and unique shops where you can browse around at a much slower pace than the normal rat race most of us are accustomed to. The summer nights are cool, quiet, and starry. If you seek scenery, the Adirondack Mountains will not disappoint.

A couple of years ago, dear friends of ours invited us to their cabin at Indian Lake. We enjoyed the cabin and the serene setting on the Cedar River. We spent the week hiking, floating in the river, and exploring the towns. We had a blast railbiking across the Hudson River on a cool trestle bridge. We hiked a trail to a fire tower overlook that boasted a 360-degree view of the surrounding mountains. We cooked simple, delicious meals and sat by the campfire at night. Sound perfect? Just about with one caveat – we had to return to our normal life at the end of the week. 

Trestle bridge rail bike trail in Adirondack Mountains

The drive home was long and left us feeling like we were missing out on an opportunity. So many questions to ponder. Could we retire early and travel? Had we planned and saved enough? Should we keep at it for the next 10+ years and retire at the “normal” age? Travel is our passion so would we be missing out on a decade of travel experiences just to fatten up the coffers? How much is our stuff adding value to our lives? How much money do we really need? The perspective gained from our trip had set in. We then decided to put our plan in motion…join us for the journey!

Blue Mountain Fire Tower Adirondack Mountains
Blue Mountain Fire Tower
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